Saturday, 28 March 2015

Taiwan, I'm coming to you!

First of all, thanks to @the butterfly project - beauty bloggers for organized this great event and announced to us as a very rare and good news.

When i was small, i dream to immigrates to Taiwan when i grows up, but definitely this is impossible because all my family are here, i can't leave them in Malaysia, this is so selfish for me.

And today, i heard a good news to stand a chance for winning to Taiwan in this fun activity. And sure for a girl, a female even to a woman..they would have their dream to travel to Taiwan at least once in their life time, but what is so fun to shop and play in Taiwan? Curious to know? So stay tuned...scroll down and read ideally as i'm gonna to explain one by one.

Time for Taiwan TTBKL is still on going from 29-29th March 2015 at One Utama Shopping Centre, LG Floor Oval, New Wing. Hurry up, head over to there tomorrow to find out what is more!

 I am sure that all of you agree Taiwan  is a heaven of SHOP, EAT and BIKE. What do i mean of SHOP, EAT and BIKE?

Be patience and hold on, let me explain one by one here. Do not missed out my post ya people..

1. SHOP: what are the famous places for you to visit when you are in Taiwan? obviosult there are few famous places there which you cant missed out! These includes Taipei 101 City, Old Street of Jiufen - Taipei City, Jhiben Hot Spring - Taitung, Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Centre - Kaohsiung and so on.. Shopping in Taiwan must be very fun and excited, who want to missed out this, shop and bring back more Taiwan famous and playful stuff, clothes or even souvenir because their item or stuff must have their own style, own culture, and own designation...

2. EAT: beside of shop, now is turn to EAT, but what are the delicious foods over there? here come few famous Taiwan dishes. There are Century Egg with Spring Onion, Stinky Tofu, Oyster Mee Sua, Oyster Omelette, Lu Rou Fan and so eat eat eat, discover around and eat around before back to Malaysia. Don't let yourself regret when you step into Taiwan any airport, because when you step in there, you have come for the next visit only you can taste their yummy-delicious foods.

3. BIKE: bike bike bike bike, a healthy activity in Taiwan. Bike from north to east, and then from east to west again. Beside of healthy, biking also can enjoying in watching natural scenery even at their roadside there. There are very safe, so don't you worry about biking around even if you're alone to do so. Bitan, Wulai, Shizaitou Shan, Xinwu Rd, Kending, Hualian are few of the biking lists from among all...

"Taiwan, The Heart of Asia", it express Asian hearfelt wishes! It sound great and looks fun right, so what are you waiting for? Just spend a bit of your time to blog about this to share with others, you could stand a chance to win away this marvelous deal!

To those butterflies who not yet participate in this activity yet, hurry up take your action now, contest expired date is just around the corner - 31th March 2015. Action now won't be too late for you to join!

For more information about Taiwan Travel Fair 2015, you can refer to the link below:

Feel free to drop your comment here, looking forward to hear from all.

Do follow me to find out what is more in coming!

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