Thursday, 5 February 2015

[Review] Sokany Hair Curling Iron

Blog up to date 2015/2/3 after missing for 2 weeks... hihihi @@

Today I'm gonna write my review on this Sokany Hair Curling Iron which bought about a month ago from

Here is my Sokany Hair Curling Iron, let me briefly explain on it,  Model CI-003C, purple in color which i actually got it about a month ago.
A picture of Sokany hair Curling Iron from top view. 

A picture of front view of the package. As you can see the model no, the maximum temperature heat up to 190'C is already listed down. 

Model no. of this Sokany Hair Curling Iron is CI-003C. It comes in purple colour.

Brief description of Sokany Hair Curling Iron:
Model: CI-003C
Voltage: 100-240V @ 50/60Hz
On/Off Sliding Power Switch
LED Power Indicator
PTC Heater
360'C Swivel Cord

Sokany Hair Curling Iron, a professional hair curl for hair stylist which heat up to 190'C. 

A curl iron specially design for hair professional come with a charming light purple colour.

Here is a picture of before hair curl on the right side hair, and the difference of hair curl after done on it over the left side. 
My hair is done after 30 minutes in a slight different pattern. Which one does you preferred? No matter which are you preferred, this hair curl iron can bring out different pattern based on your desired pattern and the way you curl it...
Back view of my curl hairs after done. 
Special thanks to my pretty hair stylist for this change-over session.

I actually removed the swivel cord from the rod as in it's more easier for the hair to be curled and it took less time for me to finish all the hairs.
Two different pattern of hair curl. Can you see the differences of it? Which are you preferred? Sokany one device, but it can curl up more than one pattern according to your desired style..

Sokany, only took me about 30 minutes to finish my long hair which is almost waist level. Great job Sokany! (y)

If you're interested on this product, you can log in to this link from your instagram account.


  1. wah i always wonder if will accidentally burn yourself or not. >.<

    Best place for celebration!

    1. Easily adjust the temperature to suit your hair type and significantly reduce the time of your clothes with our curling iron for beach hair that heats up quickly. triple barrel curling iron

  2. hehe, must have a distance between your finger and the cord..otherwise will be burnt if not using carefully.

  3. The results are amazing!! (Y) Love the curls that it gives! ^_^

  4. Thanks dear!! You have shared each step in such a detail. I was thinking earlier how girl in my class make so beautiful hair styles. Now I have got it and I am going to buy a curling irons for me so that I can also make a nice hair style daily.

    1. hehe thanks for your praise, just explained from my experience on it! sure your girls can make this in your class, put more effort ya! different angle you hold the iron can create different style of curl :)

  5. Can it last for a whole day ?

  6. Can it last for a whole day ?

    1. Hey dear, the curl can only last for a day or two if u apply any spray or gel, but make sure don't kena any water.

    2. Hey dear, the curl can only last for a day or two if u apply any spray or gel, but make sure don't kena any water.

  7. Very pretty curls! ^^

  8. thanks pretty, u can have it too ^^

  9. Hi, would like to ask u, do u use this curler for wet hair too?

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