Monday, 22 June 2015

Diploma in Physiotherapy Convocation

Blog finally updated on my Diploma in Physiotherapy convocation after so long!
After self collected my convo robe at college, a photography session is taken with the family.
My dad and my mom, the one conditionally and unconditionally supported me from all the ways long.

My siblings, who send me to college every weekends. My bro, where were you loss to? >.<"

My grandpa, giving me support spiritually from behind, waits me to complete my study.

My grandma, buying me those household items and foods to get cook in hostel time.

My uncle, support my financial status all the years.

Myself: sometime up and sometime down. Sometime hold on and sometime give up; had finally completed my three years study in college.

The little naughty one, masuk camera as well. ^^ catch her view also at last after so many pictures are taken.

My siblings in the house. :)

The future "in-law(s)" of the elders. ^^

4 siblings women in black! 

The family shoot with all the loved one. My parents, grandparents, my uncle, and my my siblings.
Words cant describe how much i feels for them. Without you guys, i might not be able to enter to this college. Upon your's sacrifices and support reality and spiritually from behind and unconsciously only i am able to achieve my succeed today. A big thanks for all of them <3

8/6/2015: a date and day which is always in my memory. My second convocation in my life ever. 

After strive for three years in estimated timing, finally the day has come, Ramsay Sime Darby Convocation was held at Setia City Convention Centre at 8/6/2015 from 7am-2pm. It accredited the success of all students from different fields of us. 

Behind the scene of all these photo, these two person are among my motivation to push me forward. They work so hard to let me study in college, i have the responsibility to complete my study. Although i am not the best one, but they never give me pressure, although i ever want to give up, but they are the one to pursue me.

Now, this is the time to make you proud. I made it at last, they are my VIP on my convocation day. The little me chill them up from a busy environment.

My cutie mommy ^^ does she looks cute? :P

Photography session with the course-mates. Some are missing in action. These are only a few from my group. Although we are from different races and religion, but we could studied together and  giving support to each other.

The naughty and cheerful faces early in the morning, i think we were the only group that took photo in front of so many peoples. But that were us, we were not shy to show, we were not affectation, we show to real us.

My best-ie' course-mates.. Our friendship will never end, keep in touch ya to all monkey's. 

Another bunches of photo while waiting to be called into the hall, too long waiting queue. This has became our hobbies. Whenever we go, there is a camera with us. 

The Physiotherapy group photography which combined all the batches of students. We are proud of ourselves. We made it at last, nothing can stop us from moving forward, but we can detect and solved the obstacles and difficulties we met during our studies.

The paid off doesn't waste, finally i am officially graduated at last. These are the main person that made me completed my course, they are the greatest behind the scene. Thanks so much for led me to the right way! Love <3

Secondary school convocation and college convocation done, mission completed and target achieved at last! Next, aim for the 3rd convocation! I believe "if there is a will, there is a way", to whoever want to learn more discover more, please don't afraid to strive, you can only live better if you willing to strive harder!

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

[Review] Foodz Setia Alam

After my first food review in Chinese foods, today i am gonna to blog about Japanese and English cuisine from FOODZ Cafe which is based in Setia Alam.

About the innovative of FOODZ, it is newly opened in the beginning of 2015. It offers a varieties of Japanese and English cuisine foods. They do provides the fresh and traditional cooking dishes. 

A peaceful, relaxing, calm and comfortable environment for you to hang out with friends.
What do you spot from this picture? WiFi password is clearly written up there! Unlike other restaurants, you don't have to request it from the staff, so much easier!

Romantic but calming decorated lighting which doesn't glare your eyes.

Their thoughtful and caring boss provides soft cushions for the wooden seats as this can ensure the customer comfortable level in prolonged sitting position.

Their menu sequences are nicely arranged and keep in files. First is Appetizer, then followed by Brunch, Salad, Rice, Noodle, Dessert, Coffee, Juices, Smoothie, Soda and some few other drinks which i actually missed out.. 

As you walk in, this special whiteboard is display next to the entrance door. Their lunches are comes with complimentary set of  Coffee, Green Tea or Ice Lemon Tea.

1. Buchi Bacon Tomato - RM14.50
fresh taste of tomato, bacon itself no fishy taste, one small bite finish one buchi bacon tomato. fresh, tasty, and match. does not 

2. Pineapple Chicken Pizza - RM15.50
a plate of super thin and crispy pizza i had ever tried, it is only a thin layer of pineapple chicken pizza which really match with it ingredients taste; the sourness of the pineapple combined with the teriyaki chicken is really awesome and tasty. if you're a pizza lover, you should try this out, it can satisfied your craving with just a mouth bite!

3. Tonkotsu Chasu Ramen - RM14.50
a bowl of chasu ramen come with garlic fried rice. fresh cabbage and fresh chasu. wondering why there is a bowl of garlic fried rice? as usual people will only finish the bowl of mee but not the soup, so the boss decide to serve with a bowl of rice to match with the ramen's soup so that it does not waste off the soup. 

4. Buda Yakinitu Don - RM15.50
a bowl of rice come with the minced meat and egg, looks simple? but i can tell you it have the own special taste from the ingredients itself. you may share this with friends if you are a small portion eater because the portion is quite a lot!

5. Katsu Curry Don (Chicken) - RM14.50
fried chicken with curry and rice, available in 2 selections of chicken and pork. i tried out the chicken curry, the curry taste is nicely been cooked with enough ingredients, so it is concentrated when match it to the crispy but non-oily fried chicken.

6. American Premium Breakfast - RM24.50
celery, cucumber, garlic toast, egg, baked beans, buchi bacon tomato, ham slice, german sausage, and the sauce made mainly by garlic. for me a non garlic lover, i had fall in love with this because they keep the garlic taste but not too strong smell with nice taste. a huge portion of American Premium Breakfast cost you only RM24.50, don't you think so it is worthy to have?

7. Double Cheese Burger - RM15.50
the Double Cheese Burger is serve by the pork burger, come with double layer of cheeses give you extra satisfaction of cheese. cheese lover can try this out ya. but it does not taste so tender as the teriyaki burger.

8. Special Teriyaki Chicken Burger - RM16.50
my favourite dishes among all as i am a charcoal bread lover, hehe. this Teriyaki Chicken Burger is served with charcoal made burger bun with tender and juicy taste. the specialty of charcoal bun match with tender and juicy teriyaki chicken is simply awesome food for me. and it do come with french fries and it sauce as well. 

9. Morjito Green Apple - RM10.50
extremely sour hehehe, i doesn't know it is so sour. but when the first try i tried it out, it really shock me because it is really so sour with green apple and lime. anywhere, i like it because this is really 100% truly tasteful! the base of this morjito is green in color.

10. Coffee Jelly - RM3.00
i am not a coffee lover, but this Coffee Jelly really impressed my taste. simply a cup of coffee jelly with some milk topping, no bitter taste as coffee drinks, but it remains soft and tender taste from first try until last bite! strongly recommended this to all coffee lovers out there! 

As usual, they are open every Monday to Sunday except for Wednesday. Operation hours from 10am-10pm. Free WiFi is available for their dine in customers. 
No animals, no smoking, no outside foods are allowed to bring in.

Restaurant: FOODZ Cafe Setia Alam
FB page:
Contact number: 011-11526202 (Steven Tan) @ 03-33412370
Address: 7-1-2, Jalan Setia Prima (D) U13/D, Setia Alam Seksyen U13, 40170 Shah Alam.
Operation Hours: Monday to Sunday @ 10:00-22:00 ; off on every Wednesday

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