Monday, 1 June 2015

Blood Donation Drive on the 31 May 2015

It is been so long i am waiting for blood donation campaign after my dengue attack in the January and HPV vaccination past two weeks ago.
Finally i get to donate blood again after so long, wish came true at last.

I knew this donation campaign last minute but still i am able to made it yesterday, at Fuo Guang Shan Temple which based in Klang. 
First time donated blood from side way vein as the nurse told me my usual site vein is quite small she couldn't found it. Thus, she inserted the catheter from side way and it takes almost 20 minutes for the one packet of 450ml blood to fulfilled. 

Received a goodies beg after blood donation, from Buddha's light International; Association Malaysia (Klang Branch). 

Buddha's moral taught: 
-do good deals
-speak good words
-conceive kind thoughts


Received a certificate from Pusat Darah Negara as in collaboration with Fuo Guang Shan Temple donation drive. It is written with my name and identity number which is already mosaic by me.

What are the goods in this goodies beg? This is the first time of receiving so many goodies in one beg, which i was shocked when taking all it out from the beg.
-certificate from PDN
-Folic Acid & Ferrous Fumarate supplements
-Good Morning V Plus 18 Grains
-100 Plus
-soya milk
-Malta drink
-vision checkup voucher
-Munchy Oat Crunch cookies
-2 disc of Buddha songs album
-Buddha moral booklet
-Faber Castel pen

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