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[Review]: Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream

People always say "Eyes is the Soul of Beauty - 眼睛是人类的灵魂之窗". I'm sure that everybody deserve a pair of eyes which is free of dark circles and wrinkles? Yes, everyone deserve it regardless of your age and gender! 

What is Swissvita?
SwissVITA is a top bio-technology lab which create aesthetic medicine. It uses the innovative and smart technology to remain youthful skin level. VITA to produce simple, safe and effective for ageless beauty. 

It have several products in market, but today i am gonna introduce about the Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream. 

What is Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream? 
It is a eye cream specially designed to fight the signs of ageing, to regain & retain youthful bright eyes, to smooth wrinkles effectively and to fade skin darkness.

Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream

It have few recognized award from the: 
  1. Watson's Beauty Award: Top Selling for Whitening and Oil Control
  2. Oscar Beauty Award: Top 10 Best Quality
  3. Amazon 5-Stars Review: 5-Star Comment of User Reviews on Firmed and Lifted Eyelid
The Recognized Awards 

What are the ingredients found in it?
  • Seaweed Extract for firming and tighten formula
  • Abundant AC-11 & B12 for intense hydration and repair formula
  • LS 9736 Okra Extract for long term anti-wrinkles formula
  • FREE of paraben, alcohol, fragrance and pigment

What are the functions of Swissvita Micrite Eye Cream?
  1. Younger Looking: contains Phytonutrient AC-II derived from a natural herb from Amazon rain forest. safe, all natural & water soluble ingredients to helps body natural skin tissue repair & slow down the skin ageing process.
  2. Say Goodbye to Dark Circles: visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles. brighten the signs of fatigue and diminishes the puffiness around eyes area.
  3. Erase Eye Wrinkles: improve skin firmness and elasticity. nourish & heal discolored skin, fine lines and wrinkles. enhance skin tightener & looks younger and healthier.

Clinical Testimonial:
  1. Safe to Use: devotes to the strictest standard of customer regulation. free of paraben, alcohol, fragrance and pigment. may apply to skin without worries.
  2. Intelligent Packaging: aluminium sealed package for protection and retains the quality of active ingredients. container is tested to withstand the high temperature. 
  3. Suitable for All Skin Types: can be applied freely regardless of any skin type. suitable for both men and women, men with dark circles and wrinkles also benefit as well. 

The Beauty Steps:
  1. take off the bottle cap ------> then remove the lid -----> and take off the red safety ring.
  2. re-tighten the lid ---> it has the sharp point to poke out open the foil.
  3. after clean your face, apply a generous amount of the eye gel onto your top and bottom eyelid area, then gently tap your eyelid in a light motion, wait a few minutes until it is evenly adsorb. 
  4. apply every morning and night after clean face to get better result ^^

How to Open and Use The Eye Gel Tube?
The Beauty Steps for A Beauty You!
The Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream Look

My Opinion After Use:

  • the eye gel is in orange color transparent like substance
  • it is free of any fragrance, no smell
  • soft and doesn't irritates my eye even though it goes into it
  • lifted and firmed eyelid, reduces in puffiness and wrinkles
My "Before" and "After"

Now, here is a good news for my readers and followers! If anyone of you would like to try it, you can get it on a special price of RM10 discount voucher. 

Simply just key in the voucher code SharynnLoveSwissvita to enjoy RM10 discount voucher value! It is applicable for one single use and must be key-in the voucher code during checkout. 
Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream
Original Price: RM108.85
Here is the link i attach together, anyone who is interested to purchase, you may head over to their website by just clicking on this link. It will directly leads you to the product page:

Swissvita Website and FB Page:
Swissvita Official Link: All Young Swissvita
Swissvita Malaysia FB Page: Swissvita SkinLab Malaysia

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Friday, 11 November 2016

[Review]: Deja Woof Cafe and Blink Pets Bakery Services

It is 2nd Barkday for my fur baby - Ollie. Was planning to bake her a sweet potatoes cake with some meat, but it seem to be very busy recently. So, i get her a barkday cake and lamb pie especially designed for furkids from Deja Woof Cafe which located in Bukit Raja, Klang. 
Blink Pets Bakery is the first retail bakery in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor with aim to provides nutrtious, healthy and well-balanced and fun food choices customize according to pet health needs and beloved pet preferences. 

It currently manufacture and supply their pastries and treats to more than 20 pet shops and pet friendly cafe : Pet Lover's Centres & Ben's Independent Grocer. They also indulge with their signature specialty such as the pastries, cakes, pies, meatballs, mini "dognut", and delicious healthy treats. 

Blink Pets Bakery's motto: Bake with Love <3 Serve with Passion - The health and well being of your precious pet is our priority. They deserve the best baked foods especially thandmade from the bottom of heart. 

Deja Woof Cafe as a retail seller from Blink Pets Bakery, Deja Woof are having those supplies from Blink Pets Bakery as a express kiosk, so people in Klang area are convenient and can get it easily to avoid running here and there just to get their pets a special one. 

Treats and Pastries Available:
TREATS: Blink Fries, Peanut Butter Cookies, Cheezy Cookies, Gluten Free Cookies
JERKY: Chiken Jerky, Tuna Jerkey, Chicken Lover, Chicken Gizzard
PASTRIES: Dognut, Chicken Puff, Pupcake, Lamb Pie
BIRTHDAY CAKE: Round Shape Cake, Square Shape Cake, Bone Shape Cake, Blink Design Cake, Fondant Cake, Fondant Cupcake
SUPPLEMENT: Egg Shell Powder, Salmon Oil

Storage Instruction:
TREATS & JERKIES; 6 months in air tight container / > 6 months in fridge
PASTRIES: 5-7 days in chiller @ warm it with microwave for 15-20secs
MEATBALLS: 2 weeks in freezer (defrost before serving) / 5 days in chiller @ warm it with microwave for 15-20secs
BIRTHDAY CAKE & PUPCAKE: 5-7 days in chiller (do not need to heat up)
FONDANT CAKE: 2 days in room temperature / 7 days in ciller after remove fondant (do not keep the cake with fondant in fridge)

Blink Pets Bakery take pride in serving 100% natural handmade cakes, pastries, and treats for dogs, cats and small animals, It is all free of salt and sugar, additives, preservatives and artificial colouring; so it is absolutely safe and healthy for your beloved furkids consumption!

At first i thought they are located at ground floor, still hesitating wouldn't those dog or puppy ran out to roadside, but when i reached there only noticed it is located upstair in first floor with a fence blocked right in front of the door. So, basically their safety measure is good you don't need to worry about it!

The cafe and cashier area are connected as one. But their cleanliness is good and very neatly, everything are well arranged and in clean.Have you notice anything at the back there? :D

Look, as i told just now..the environement are basically clean and it has no any bad smell even though as a pet cafe! So, it is also a good idea for dining-in there, as well to provides your pet an entertainment place to go!

One of the dog/puppy playing corner. They actually have dining area, pets playing corner, and small step area for sitting on top with pets. The are are big enough, so everyone can move around freely! Look how cute is this Schaunzer (if not mistaken) baby!

The pastries and cake area are just next to the cafe making and cashier area. So, the staff will actually come to you after you tell them what service you need. The staffs are so friendly and polite in servicing customer. Just give them a chance to serve you, and give your pet a chance to enjoy their happy and fun world with the other friends! <3

*the above pictures are origin from their FB page, it may subjected to copyright! I wasn't able to capture the environment due to rushing back to office during my lunch hour.

The lamb pie is on the top one with the transparent box, and the cake is over the bottom one.

This is how the cake look like, a small and cute one! i requested the pink one, but she got me this LOL. anyway, it is all fate, i accept it willingly ^^ the decoration is how cute and looks good, i bet they must be putting so much of effort and attention in designing and drawing thedecoration!

Blink Pets Bakery since 2008. It is the lamb pie.

The lamb pie is in round shape, non oily but the pie surface look so shinning and smooth haha.

I bought one Round Shape Cake and one Lamb Pie for my puppy. The cake cost RM15.90 and the lamb pie cost RM6.90 (i did not noticed that the receipt is printed RM5 for the lamb pie itself until i reached my office cz i was actually rushing to get it during my working hours). It has no extra GST or any service charge applicable.

Pet Cafe:
1. Blink Pets Bakery @ IPC Shopping Centre : L2-S3C, IPC Shopping Centre, Level 2
weekday 11am-9pm @ weekend 10am-9pm / 012-3289233
2. Blink Pets Bakery @ MyTown Shopping Centre : MyTown Shopping Centre, Basement 1 (opening soon in 1st quarter of 2017)

Express Kiosk (Pastries & Treats):
3. Sri Hartamas @ Cubs & Cups
4. SS2 @ Pet Lovers Centre
5. Cheras Leisurmall @ Pet Lovers Centre
6. Puchong @ Pets Lover Centre
7. Puchong @ Bow Bow Cafe
8. Jalan Ipoh @ Pets Haven
9. Bandar Bukit Raja @ Deja Woof Cafe (the one I'm doing intro)

Express Kiosk (Treats Only)
10. Ben's Independent Grocer @ Publika / Plaza Batai / GLO Damansara 
11. Pet Lovers Centre @ 1 Mont Kiara Mall / Aeon Bukit Tinggi / Aeon Metro Prima / Bangsar S.C / Gamuda Walk / IOI City Mall / Main Place Mall / Sunway Putra Mall / Sunway Pyramid / The Mines / Tropicana City Mall / Courtyard / Aeon Mall Shah Alam
12. Bibi Pet Shop @ Segambut
13. Sea Park Pet Supplies @ SS2 / Kota Damansara
14. Puppuccino Cafe @ Kota Kinabalu

Online Store:
The location is easily found, i also reached there by WAZE. if anyone would like to go, you can just waze it by Deja Woof Cafe will do :) There are located over the corner shoplot at the first floor. And, don't worry about the parking slots, the are still new but is crowded with many other opened shoplots, so parking would be easily get and safety is just nice too!

Deja Woof Cafe
Operation Hours: Weekdays 1pm-11pm / Weekends & Public Holiday 11am-11pm

Blink Pets Bakery
Contact No.: +6 012 328 9233

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