Monday, 19 September 2016

[Review] Amez Care Functional Sanitary Pads

Received this sponsored Amez Care Sanitary Napkins at last, feels so excited of un-boxing this amazed sanitary pads. Felt so lovely and was really attracted at the moment of  un-boxing this because i simply just loves the lovely and colour of the packaging itself!

Had anyone noticed that the usual sanitary napkins we used is made by those recycled garbage: old-newspaper and old boxes. Thus, there must be risks of developing any health condition which is expected. So, i gonna introduce the new brand sanitary napkins. Your health, you deserve better than no one else! 

What does Amez meant to be?
Amez is a bio herbal sanitary functional napkin pads which made by chips technology and natural properties. The chips technology includes the Anion (known as -ve ions), Far Infrared and Nano Silver. The natural properties includes Aloe Vera, Peppermint, Tea Plant, Chamomile and Lavendar. 

From top to bottom:
top: Amez Panty Liners
middle: Amez Day Pads
bottom: Amez Overnight Pads

Amez's Slogan: Amez - Where Intimate Meets Comfort!
Amez - Where Intimate Meets Comfort!

What are the common Women's Health problems seen nowadays?
  • irregular menstrual cycle
  • heavy/prolonged menstrual bleeding
  • menstrual pain/cramp
  • abnormal discharge - foul odor, sticky, brownish, greenish
  • itchy vagina
  • Yeast infection - Candida Albicans
  • Genital warts
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Uterus/ovarian/cervix/breast cancer

Dangers of Traditional Sanitary Pads:
  • undergoes bleaching process - produces DIOXIN
  • bleaching: white and fluffy
  • Dioxin is highly toxic, it causes several types of cancer

Everyone Deserve a Better Sanitary Pads for Health!

  • optimal protection, health benefits, toxin-free, anti-bacteria effects

What are the Properties found in Amez Sanitary Pads?
1. Chip Technology:
    a) Negative Ions (Anion): 
  • knows as "Vitamins of Air"
  • suppress the multiplication survival of bacterial and virus effectively

    b) Far Infrared: 
  •  improves blood circulation, promotes body metabolism, soothes menstrual pain

    c) Nano Silver: 
  • powerful anti-bacterial effect, 100x more effective in killing harmful bacterial than normal chips

2. Herbal Extracts:
    a) Aloe Vera: 
  • high level of antiseptic
  • highly effective in relieving itchiness and skin irritation 

    b) Peppermint: 
  • acts as an antiseptic and anti-bacteria, soothes itchiness, irritation, pain and infection

    c) Tea Plant: 
  • natural mineral aids in relieving menstrual pain, cramp and discomfort

    d) Chamomile: 
  • anti-fungal, ant-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
  • guards vagina against yeast infection
  • acts as mood lifter

    e) Lavendar: 
  • relieving pain and improves relaxation
  • acts as calmer and promotes restful sleep

Scroll down to find out more of what these properties are and the functions of it! :)

Amez Sanitary Pads came in with small packaging, so it is really conveient to use. Especially when we are travelling, simply just put in our beg will do because it doesn't conquer huge space! ^^ 

Everyone knows for each and every single thing, there must be a lifespan. As for this sanitary napkins, it also has it manufactured date and expired date; and it is clearly printed on the packaging itself. 

The back look.

Amez Panty Liner:

Amez Day Use:

Amez Overnight Use:

The top look.

The bottom look.

Where can i purchase?
Amez Care Online Marketplaces:

What are the Retails Price?
  1. Amez Day (240mm) : Single Pack (12's) @ RM12.90
  2. Amez Overnight (290mm) : Single Pack (10's) @ RM13.90 / Twin Pack (2 x 10's) @ RM22.90
  3. Amez Panty Liner (160mm) : Sinlge Pack (30's) @ RM11.90 / Twin Pack (2 X 30's) @ RM19.90
  4. Amez Travel Pack : Day (3's) / Overnight (3's) / Panty Liner (4's) : Single Pack RM9.90 / Twin Pack RM16.90

Amez Care Market Retail Sellers:
  • Aeon Wellness
  • Health Lane Family Pharmacy
  • JuzCare Pharmacy

My opinions after used:
  • all it pads are extremely thin (really so conveient to bring it out, even if i put in pocket nobody will notice the 'bump")
  • all it pads have strong herbs smell, but i like it :)
  • all pads have hot and burning sensation when the initially i placed it, but it goes off after few minutes 
  • for other brand i used, i felt itchiness and discomfort, but when i tried the Amez one, i don't feel any itchiness or discomfort (this is the most i concern about)
  • because of the thiness, when i wear it and walk around for the whole day, i feels so comfort as i feel like wearing nothing during my menstrual period
  • super strong absorbent as it doesn't go beyond the thin pad itself!
  • my period cramp has reduced after uses this Amez pads (apparently ease me to works freely)
  • after using, i realized that my flow is lesser than previous and before!

People don't be hesitate to drop your comments, i will reply ASAP once the comment is seen. ^^

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  1. The pads actually look thin :o I don't know how well they'll do for people with heavy flow >_<

    1. this pad is really thin, but the absorbent is super strong! in my experience after used if for about 5 days, even if heavy flow, it still doesn't go beyond the pad as the absorbent quality is still there! ^^

  2. Amazing! You really put in alot of effort in your post. It's very detailed and complete!

    1. thanks! it love to be in detailed so that readers can get enough information! :)

  3. Hello Sharynn, this is my first time visiting your blog. I enjoy reading this post as you're very detailed. Keep it up!

    1. thanks Joyce, it is my principle to stay detailed and particular as always, but in simple format hehe :D

  4. seems like a Great product , Will recommended to all my girl's friend ....

    1. thanks for the recommendation, hope it will bring benefits to them :)

  5. I love the packaging so much! I used to bought a lot whenever I travel to Japan!

    1. myself alos loves it so much, cz it come in pinkish warming colour :D it is really conveient for traveling purpose as well!

  6. I am so popping into the nearest AEON wellness to get one of this after reading all about it here.. need to take care of my Miss V... hahaah

    1. haha, that is our only one! it is a must! i really loves this cz the flow reduce and no itchness whenever i am using it! <3

  7. I've not heard of Amez before until I read this post. I didn't even know it is now so easily available at AEON Wellness. My friends have encouraged me to use cloth pads but I think this is a better option!

    1. this is just recently only been lauched in market! i also never heard this until i get the sponsor from them! but, i really recommend it! :)

  8. is this a new brand? It's okay, gotta go to aeon wellness and have a look later.

    1. yes dear, this is a new brand :) yeah, u may! i am also gonna get it more soon ^^

  9. I have not really heard of the brand before but will certainly check it out when I am in the stores :) Cheers to the share dear.

    1. me too until i get their sponsor. but definitely it is worth to give it a try dear. ^^

  10. My first time try on Amez and it helps during my heavy period as it contain natural ingredient that helps to sooth my period pain.

    1. yes, it does help a lots! i will definitely continue using! ^^

  11. i had tried it!!!Love it~~~~because feel cool~~hehe

  12. thanks for the informative post. definitely very educational and helpful.

    1. thanks, hope it help others. good things is proud to share :)

  13. Thanks for sharing the informative post about pads. Although it is something very important in our daily lives, I never expect it to be so different in make an quality.
    This brand sounds really reliable.

    much love,

  14. Thanks for this sharing post! It was very important to use a clean and healthy sanitary pad!

  15. Herbal? Looks impressive. I think this product is quite good for women hygiene.

  16. Doubt it can contain heavy flows, some of us need to change every 2 hours le

    1. it is usually advisable to change every 2-3 hours in standard to keeps our miss V clean and hygiene. but after i use, i found my flow is reduce than before. dunno is because of the herbs or why..

  17. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

    1. same to me here, but after i use on it. i found it really helps me especially in soothing my itchiness which i trouble the most

  18. i think i really need this because i have period pain every month. huhuhu

    1. yes dear, you may try this out. hope it can helps you! do let me know the feedback after used ya ^^

  19. all women need a good product like this for all the monthly needs! it's so important to get one that is comfortable and also safe for the skin.

  20. Heard that its really good. I think comfort has to be one of the most important features of a pad :)

  21. I'm totally so into this product as it's really fresh to use. Love the comfortable feeling when using this product <3

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  23. Hi Sharynn, thanks for your post! I'm convinced to get one to try out as I feel itchy during period. And you know what? I know an online marketplace which I get rewards from purchasing Amez from it. Double win! I'm a happy buyer. Thank you again 😘