Monday, 24 October 2016

Shop with Ezbuy and save more on your Pocket Money!!

What is Ezbuy Malaysia and Tabao?
  • it is actually a malaysia agent that assist users/buyers to shop on Taobao
  • easy access and free of agent fees
  • options of stocks/orders from China/Taiwan/USA
  • parcels being sent directly from place of origin to your doorstep
  • options to choose your preferred shipping method

What are the specialties of ezbuy?
  • free account sign up
  • available in bilingual: English, BM
  • variety of products are available (clothing, living products, beauty, sports & etc)
  • local customer service & online chat
  • choose of shipping methods: DHL express / Priority Air / Economy Air / Sea
  • gives customer the ETA of order
  • choose of door step delivery or self pick up options
  • lowest international shipping rate

What are the product varieties in ezbuy?
  • Women's Clothing
  • Men's Clothing
  • Toys, Mothers & Kids
  • Shoes, Bag & Accessories
  • Home & Garden
  • Beauty & Health
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Office & Stationary
  • Automatics
  • Mobiles & Tablets

So, let's get started with ezbuy registration process! There are two options for you to register: 
  1. register via email
  2. register from FB
I'am personally very forgetful about password, so i preferred to sign up with my FB so that i don't get it locked.

After the FB sign up, here come to 65daigou, in which i need to filled up my personal details for Malaysia-Taobao agent purpose.

After that, it finally come to ezbuy personal account. Here you can fill-in your name, contact no., D.O.B., gender, choose of shipping method from each country, and also your shipping address.

After all are filled-in, there is a screen pop-up message says that your information are updated.

Here is some of my order list! I am the person who are into living products rather than into fashion sense & style. And since my brother is getting married, so i am getting some decoration items and some pet accessories for my fur-baby!

Here goes some of my wish list. First of all is corsage, i get it blue color, 10pcs for siblings use during the wedding dinner night.

Next come to my fur-baby house. Since her birthday is around the corner, i shall get something useful for her. Actually I love her to sleep next to me, but let her have her new home is always my dream from the first day she came to our house! I get her the red color one because she is a girl, M size i select as it have more space for her to move around to ensure a good tight sleep.

Now is a rubber skid shoes specially designed for pets. this is a must for her as i always walk her around, but she doesn't not let me to wash her legs after the walks. As usual, i get the pink color one, size S, one set come with 2 pairs (4pcs).

Lastly, is the balloon use to decorate my bro wedding celebration. I choose the mix colour one, 150g (mainly use for occasion decoration), 100pcs each pack, i get it two packs. 

For each and every items, you only need to select your desired colour, size, amount and then just click on "add to cart" will do!

After all, just click "check out" to review your items added in cart. And here will shows you all the details of your orders over the left side, over the right side is the summary of your orders (total price, shipping fee (based on your shipping method), domestic delivery fee). My total order is cost about RM154.16 with the "sea shipping" method i made. Then just click on "Pay Now".

So after the "Pay Now" is the "Delivery Options" - Home Delivery & Free Self-Collection. you can choose either one based on your preferred one. I choose to be home delivery so i don't need to rush for parcel pick-up or worries for parcel loss.

Then, it shows you a gentle reminder saying that "Please make the payment within 24 hours to prevent out of stock, otherwise your saved orders will be automatically canceled."

Lastly, here is account credit top-up selection. It comes in 4 selection: E-Banking, Manual Internet Banking, Credit Card, ATM Transfer. i would preferred the E-Banking as it is convenient and i don't need to walk to the bank to wait for the queue or worries the new ATM card with pay-wave service. After all, you can choose any amount you want to transfer in, Don't worries if you transfer more, because the balance one will still be kept for your next purchase!

It has the lowest shipping rate of RM4.50/500g & has no any agent fees charged! 

Prime service?
What is it about? Prime service is a service in which you only need to pay RM8.80 for shipping irregardless of your purchase weight and quantity.

Also, there is a promotion package for online shoppers:
  1. one month TRIAL: RM18.80
  2. one year PRIME: RM188.80

Ezbuy app also is now available in Google Play (for android users) and App Store (iPhone users). It is so convenient to have by just a simple click!

Lastly, here is some values dedicated to my readers and followers, if you're an online shoppers, it is obviously a great news for you.
  • 15% off on shipping fee - code: ezsp15
  • register FREE and get RM15 ezbuy voucher @ Ezbuy Registration
Happy shopping with ezbuy everyone! <3 share the goods to your friends as well ya ^^

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  2. yeah they have a wide variety of products and now have free shipping too, just needa spend RM75 <3