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[Review] Sit&Stay Dog Foods - Chickie Boo, Oink Oink, Lambeikins

Continue from the previous post, this is the latest update on Chickie Boo, Oink Oink and Lambiekins menu..

Foe your infromation, menu Quack Quack and Moo Moo Cow were updated in the previous blog. Kindly refer to my blog to find out more ya.

Chickie Boo menu: 100% fresh chicken and fiber-rich spinach and beetroot  that is essential for body cleansing and detoxifying.

Ingredients: chicken, tripes, spinnach, beetroot, rolled oats, rosemary, flaxseed, egg shell powder, virgin coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, special homemade stock

Expired date is clearly written over the box itself. To keep it fresh, this must be eaten before 21th October 2015.

The meat is in redness colour might be due to the ingredients itself. But i has no worries because i trust their artisan petr food which is actually made from natural ingredients without any coloring or preservatives added.

 For me, i am pretty refused all foods with coloring, i hate colouring unless it come from natural ingredients, so this Sit and Stay Artisan Pet Foods do chill me up in feeding my fur baby their foods..

She was actually playing with her stripe, but i noticed that she is starring at me during i preparing the foods for her.. A short video is taken when she knows i am recording, immediately she turn her head over and continue palying.. haha..

She has come near to me waiting for the foods to be served.. And purposely i drag my time from giving her the food, yet she is still sitting quieltly to get her foods serve..

Look at her eyes, she is observing my each and every single step to walk toward her with the foods in her bowl..

The happy, naughty, "manja" and excited face after het her food fed. 

So love her, the precious of the house. Everyone love her so much. Naughty and manya puppy in the house :D plese stay healthy and manja throughout the years baby, mummy love you so much. <3

Oink oink menu: 100% fresh pork meat and fiber-rich pumpkin that aids in digestive system and cabbage rich in Vitamin C to build body resistance against infection

Ingredients: pork, liver, pumpkin, cabbagge, rolled oats, parsley, flaxseed, egg shell powder, krill oil, turmeric and special homemade stock

Her foods is just remove from fridge, and it is still frozen. It took more than an hour to melt completely..

She was waiting for the foods to be melts, until she fall asleep because she doesn't sleep in the afternoon today. 

She was having a shrt nap while i am preparing the foods.. This oink oink does contains pumpkin, so you can see here is in orange-yellowish in colour. 

Suddenly wake up from her nap and came near to me, she might smell the foods i think..

Non stop eating after she get the foods, even ask more from me. But that is all i gave according to her weight.

Lambiekins menu: 100% fresh lamb and nutrtious kale essential to support body detoxification system and rich in Vitamin A carrots help promote good vision healthy benefits

Ingredients: lamb, tripes, kale, carrots, rolled oats, thyme, flaxseed, egg shell powder, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, special homemade stock

Recently she quite picky on her kibbles that actually prescribed by the veterinarian. I am not sure how does the food taste. Here i give her the kibbles plus Sit&Stay lambiekins foods, looks at how she react to her kibbles and the foods even i already stirred it evenly and nicely...

Have you seen the video? This is how she react the kibbles and foods seperately, by picking only the Sit&Stay homemade foods to eat...

This lambiekins come with a milky smell.

My opinion:
-the boxes are nicely covered before open
-foods are well produce and fresh
-ingredients is listed nicely
-expired date is clearly written on the boxes itself
-my fur baby is so in love with these pet foods, as in all flavour. 
-only for the Quack Quack one, she will pick away the breen bean or basil something, and choose only the meat to eat. lol..
-her poo poo became soft and kind "lembik"

*please ignore the sound and extra unnessecary scene >.<"
Guess which does she choose?

She stick to the second and third boxes of foods. It must be her favourite. but i have no idea what the falvours are becasure i am just tricking her, hehe..


Beside of providing healthy homemade dog foods, they also provides these dogs tricks/cakes/muffin.

They do provides special made cake for your beloved fur kids. There is no artificial colouring, preservatives. So once purchase, must be eaten within one week.

For more information about this dog foods and treats, kindly contact the person in-charge ya ^^

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