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[Review] Hotel Shangg Ipoh & Restoran Tuck Kee

[Non-Halal Post]

Hotel Shangg Ipoh

Booked this hotel in Agoda.com which cost me RM183.36 for 2 deluxe rooms with one extra bed.

Exterior view of Hotel Shangg.

It have its own parking lots, but it is very limited. Maximum are only up to 5-6 cars. 

Half of the building is own by Hotel Shangg:
Left / Right top: hotel rooms
Left bottom: parking lots

Right bottom: hotel entrance

At a glance when enter to the hotel room, it seem empty but so comfortable coz it gave me a comfortable feel.

The make up desk and airconditioner is located at the side of the bed.

In front of your bed, there is a TV and wardrobe for you to place your things and luggage in/up.

The deluxe beds for two. We canceled the extra one bed last minute since my sis did not join us. This is the only room i taken, the other one room i left untaken picture.

The hotel bathroom, even the bethroom also looks broad, clean and comfortable. The basin and the mirror.

The water heater and clothes hanger.

 This picture focus on a farer view of water heater and toilet.

At first, i actually booked another hotel in Agoda. But after i survey more, i preferred this hotel and thus i canceled the first one. Because this hotel look more standard than the previous one, with more comfortable and class looks. For the pricing, compared to the previous one, this is also worthy with the price paid. I am satisfied to check-in to this hotel, would definitely visit again in future. 

My comments: with the amount paid, this hotel is economic price, good location, easy access to city centre, conveient parking, friendly staff, and most importantly is the comfortable and the cleanliness of this hotel. 

This hotel also provides some daily household supplies at the front of their counter. Example of daily needs they selling are toothbrush, toothpaste, mineral water, some snacks.

Hotel: Hotel Shangg
Address: 37, Jalan Leong Boon Swee, 31650, Ipoh. Perak.

Contact Number: 05-2558090
Email Address: shangghotel@yahoo.com
Official Website: Hotel Shangg

Agoda Hotel Website: Hotel Shangg Ipoh by Agoda


Tuck Kee Restaurant

Hokkien Mee (福建面)
Found the long lost typical hokkien mee after so many years, hehere. A bit over in saying this, LOL. But this seriously gave me a typical Hokkien Mee taste. From the look, it doesn't looks like the yellow mee in market, but not sure of what mee they use.

Fried Mee Hun (炒米粉)
A simple fried mihun dish. 

War Tan Hor Fun (滑蛋河粉)
The last dishes of our order, but due to prolonged hours of hungry, my stomach was feeling severe uncomfortable made unable to try even one. But it really looks so yummy because of the concentration of the soup.

 Yu Kong Hor (月光河)
Yu Kong Hor with the fresh egg. This dish looks watery as well, maybe is Ipoh-ian style of frying, the kuey teow is quite soft in taste due to the frying method. But it has it own specialty.

 Braised Chicken Feet (焖鸡脚)
Little braised chicken feet specially dedicated to chicken feet lovers as i know some can't accept this or doesn't like it. Freshness of the chicken feet was being braised with it soy sauce, no matter how many you eat this little one, you will never feel greasy, you only can taste the tenderness of it.

Baby Octopus in Soy Sauce (八爪鱼酱汁)
This appetizer is really nice and must try! Without any expectation, the octopus taste really fresh and tender. I think they only boiled it until it is ripped then eat with the sour sweet sauce with peanut. The freshness and tenderness of the octopus is tasteless, but it is their speciality of matching to the sauce.

My comment: although waited for about one hour plus in a heavily rain day, but i can say this is a worth wait. Their foods are really tasty, delicious and yummy! Especially the appetizer, everything is their must try in Ipoh. Otherwise, you will feel sorry to yourself if missed out this nice restaurant foods. The foods are all fresh and delicious, portion is quite a lots of each, price is just about RM60-RM70 in total.

Restaurant: Restoran Tuck Kee

Address: No 61, Yau Tet Shin, 30300 Ipoh. Perak. 
Contact Number: (605) 2537513
Operation Hours: 
  • Monday: 6pm-12pm
  • Tuesday-Sunday: 12am-12pm and 6pm-12pm

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