Tuesday, 16 February 2016

[Review] 3Bskin Fruitful Cocktail Basket

Finally received my sponsored 3bskin after the excitement of receiving :)

The packaging is really simple, but simple is always the best outfit for anything and everything. Love the simpleness so much. 
simple and perfect 3Bskin packaging
I received the 3Bskin Fruitful Cocktail Basket; this is a enzyme scrub for our one and only valued face.

Fruitful Cocktail Basket in Pink, so lovely colour <3
Pink Cocktail Basket with Pineapple flavored
The main functions are:
-remove clogging pore
-flawless skin texture
-removes dead cells

How it works?
-gentle purifying granules helps to exfoliate skin, remove clogging pore impurities and dead skins
-oil creating make skin looks flawless, smooth, soft and healthy
-contains Bromelain from pineapple that dissolve dead cells

Hereby i attached few pictures of after applied the 3Bskin Fruitful Cocktail Basket for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes of application before i wash off, i found there were quite a numbers of impurities removing out from my dry skin. To show it more clearer, i already marked down the impurities areas by a "arrow" marks. You can see all the arrow marking are the impurities removed by this 3Bskin scrub.
A front look pic showing the right front impurities areas.

Slight turn my camera to side view, my whole face are covered by such much of impurities and clogged pore which the main area: forehead, nose (the most), side of my eyes (hair covered areas) and the chin.
I am having dry skin, the right side face is having more pimples than the left side. Obviously, it came mostly on the right side.
The left side face, it covered mostly nearby the hair areas (maybe sometime i leave my hair down, and it is heat for me because i cant stand for hot), so whenever i feel hot or menstrual coming, the pimples, impurities and clogged pore grow more and  become more obvious. 
Direction to use:
-after clean your face and apply toner, apply a layer of this scrub to your face and neck 
-leave for 5-15 minutes 
-gently rub the scrub in a circular motion with wet fingers
-remove scrub cleanly with sponge in warm water

A picture of me before using the 3Bskin Fruitful Cocktail Basket scrub
My happy and satisfying face of applying 3Bskin Fruitful Cocktail Basket scrub ^^
 A picture after scrub is wash off and remove cleanly.
My comments after used:
-feels extreme tingling pain at first, but it goes off after few seconds
-it really works for me as in clearing my impurities 
-leave me a sensation of refreshes after impurities been removed
-smooth and soft skin tone after scrub is wash off
-skin looks flawless even after the next day
I have been trying so many scrub out there, but there is no even one is suitable for me or else i can't see any difference/result after use, but to be honestly, 3Bskin is the FIRST and ONLY ONE that give me real result of cleaning my impurities as shown in the photo attached above. I am confident with 3Bskin facial scrub and i am sure this scrub will return me a flawless face on a frequent based using by time. 

After so long of reading, anyone out there are interested to this super scrub? Would you like to try one? Here is a special deal for my readers, don't forget to key in SharynnLing15% to get additional discount from 3Bskin ya.

To stay in touch with 3Bskin, ladies and gentlemen can refer to the links below ya.
Official Website: www.3bskin.com
Instagram: 3Bskin


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