Thursday, 3 December 2015

[Review] Printcious Custom Made Shopping and Testimonial

Today gonna update my blog post after the first Printcious post in the previous post. I am gonna review on their service and my shopping experience with Printcious.

First of all, i would like to review on their customer service. As a consumer, i believe everyone have and need the right to get what we desired. So obviously, we always want the best service with polite, humble and helpful seller. While i shopping with them, i found out they assisted me very well all this well.

These are the ceramic tiles i ordered from Printcious. The have three sizes, but i chose to have the 15cmx15cm tiles size. I was wondering how and where should i place this tile before i purchase, should i get this rather than the other available choices. Well, i think that is my extra and nonsense thinking. They provides me the tile stand when i opened the parcel.

When i received the parcel, the external look and internal order were all intact. Printcious is thoughtful enough as they wrapped it up nicely and fitting it with the bubble wraps for about 4-5 layers to prevent it from broken. They even provides me the stand in another wrap so that it wouldn't scratch off the tiles.

I only placed my order on Friday evening, And, unexpectedly, i received my order on Tuesday morning. For the whole process from submitting order, processing order to deliver my order, and received my order, it only took me about 4 days to done everything. Can you imagine how fast their service is. And the most important point i need to highlight here is i only use their normal shipping method not the express shipping method, can you count from Friday to Tuesday, minus off the Sunday as holiday. I can received this on my hand perfectly. 

When making payment, i was unable to insert my code. After i told them my problem to them via FB messenger, they immediately solved it for me. And yet, i succeed to key in my code.

Overall, their service is really good and nice, they were kind and esthusiastic enough to assist me in my shopping time. From FB messenger, they explain and taught me step by step until i complete my order. They provides express and extra care to their fragile things. They managed to reply messenger message in a short timing. 

Anyone would like to purchase a custom made meaningful gift can sign up Printcious account here, there have so many good deals for you to choose. Surely there is one will be your choice.
Official Website: Printcious Official Website
Official FB Page: Printcious FB Page


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