Friday, 31 July 2015

Colorfy entertainment joys

I am back again ti blogging spot with new blog today ^^
Petrol price will be up again tonight at 12pm, so let's me introduce this stress release entertainment to all of you :P

Follow the trend, to release your stress, fill up your time with this easy, fun, and free app. 

You only needs to download it from Play Store and wait until it is completely installed, and you can now start enjoy this free colouring "Colorfy - Coloring Book Free" instantly. 

When you open the app, the app will first show you the home page like this..

And, here come few series that you can choose for colouring:
a) Florals: volume I, II, III, IV
b) Animals: volume II
c) Famous: volume I
d) Mandalas: volume I, II, III
e) Oriental: volume I
d) Exotic: volume I

I had chosen mandalas after several tries, you just need to tap on the screen itself and automatically it will goes in to the picture.

You can now start colouring..

Simply mix and match from those available colours. There are other optional colour which you need to purchase.  So, i only using those FOC one..

If the art is small, you may just zoom in and out to fill the colour in to prevent coloring onto unwanted site..

After you finish, it will show you either to 'back', 'save', or 'home'.
-back: to the previous page
-save: to any social website, or gallery
-home: return to homepage of Colorfy

The fnal look of this Mandalas art

Few other pictures from my paint art ^^





I am a art and colour lovers, i love to draw and colour. 
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  1. ncie wo :)

    1. it is really nice in colouring especially when i am bored ^^

  2. Thanks for introducing me such a nice app hehehehehe

    1. tak ada rugi also to recommend it to you, sharing is caring, we can colour it together :P