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[Review] C-Jelly Collagen Giveaway from Skin Soul, Pavillion

Blog finally updated on this giveaway from SkinSoul, Pavillion about three weeks ago. It is their C-Jello Collagen which mainly made up from German fish, so precaution must be taken before any vegeterian bloggers or friends redeem and consumed it.

I was informed by friend to redeem it at their Pavillion counter, one person can redeem two boxes which actually contain 15 sachets each.

Their rules to redeem it is for people above aged above 20 years old, before you redeem the staff would need you to read on their agreement of redemption and sign on it before you take it home.

After the agreement is signed, the need me to take a photo of myself with this collagen and upload to instagram with a hash tag and number given on the spot itself.

Before open the collagen packet, let's me take a selfie with this collagen. The left one is the collagen box after removed the packaging; while the right one is the original packaging which is not open yet.

What do you know about C-Jello Collagen? C-Jello Collagen is about a Korea collagen bar which is made up mainly by German fish, this collagen can improve your youthful, healthy and glowing skin in an non invasive nor non medicated way. 

The 3 specialties of C-Jello Collagen of  Firmy, Bouncy and Yummy. And it really taste exactly as how it mean. As the first mouth i taste it, i really can taste the firm of the collagen bar, and the bouncy of it, it is really delicious and yummy as peach flavor.

What you know about "collagen"?
-basically of fibrous connective tissues which can be found in skin, bones and cartilage
-represent 30% of animal protein
-ensures the cohesion, elasticity and the regeneration of skin, bones and cartilage

Now, let's us go further in into "C-Jello Collagen" specifically: 
-is a jelly bar 
-acts to promote the youthful appearance, healthy and glowing skin in a safe and non-invasive nor medicated way
-is the first ever collagen jelly bar created in Korea and is most effectively to be absorb

Benefits of C-Jello Collagen:
-delaying ageing process
-restructuring the skin collagen
-stimulate skin renewal 
-reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
-lightening dark spot 
-improve the overall health and skin suppleness

9 antioxidants to stay youthful and remain radiant skin:
-German fish collagen
-artichoke extract
-mulberry extract
-melon concentrate
-hyalunoric acid mixture
-pear concentrate
-rice bran extract
-peach concentrate
-vitamin C

Recommendation of C-Jello Collagen consumption by the beautician is to take 4 sachets daily; 2 before breakfast and another 2 before sleep at night time. As the beautician told to make it tastier, she asked me to keep this collagen in the fridge, and it really taste even tastier more firmer. 
PS: must drink more water  during on supplement period to keep body hydrated all time

Can you spot the differences of before and after the consumption of  this collagen? This is the picture i taken after 8 days of consumed as recommended by the beautician from SkinSoul. 

My review after consumed this C-Jello collagen for eight days:
-pimples are lesser
-pimples scars lighten
-'V' looks chin is more obvious
-skin texture became smooth
-skin looks more shiny

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