Saturday, 16 January 2016

[Review] NEW Oral-B White strips

Finally received my sponsored NEW Oral-B White Strips. Introducing the new one to my followers and readers.  The are total 14 stripes in each box.

How Oral-B work as?
-thin and flexible strips
-coated with tooth whitening gel (5.25% of hydrogen peroxide)
-comfort teeth shape
-build up teeth stains by keep the gel long enough
-visibly whitten teeth

A short, simple but easy video to show you the introduction of Oral-B whitestripes. It give you a good idea on how to apply and it function after used.

-start seeing results in 7 days
-easy to use
-removes tough coffee, wine and smoking stains
-last up to 12 months of natural radiant white smile

How to use?
Don't worry of it, just with few simple steps, everyone can use it at home.
1. peel off the strip from back
2. apply the gel side on front teeth, gently align with the gum line and press it to cover all teeth. fold the rest of strip to cover the teeth behind
3. after apply, wear it for 60 minutes. then remove it.

My opinion after used:
  • easy to apply and remove
  • teeth became sticky after remove due to it gumming
  • fast result seen after first apply
  • teeth became even whiter the next day
  • Noticeable result vary from persons, but most people start seeing result in a week time as directed. Basically, it keep your teeth whiter up to 12 months (certain factors that influnced the whitening result are smoking, alcoholic intake, coffee or tea intake). 
  • While wearing the strip, you are not advisable to have any foods intake because it will affect the whitening effect, but drinking plain water is fine. You can brush teeth after using the whitestrips.
  • Noted that this strip will only whiten your natural teeth, so if you had done any dental work before, the noticeable difference might be seen. Do not use this together with any braces on. Consult your dentist before using if you need a dental work or medication is on.

Anyone would like to purchase it after read my review, can visit their official website or head over to your nearest outlet ya. This is only available in certains dental clinics. You can click on the link below to find out the location.

Oral-B Official Website and FB Page:
Official FB Page:

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