Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Cameron Highland Trip

Finally this post is updated after a week of the vacation.

On the way to Cameron Highland, many roadside stalls were selling the souvenir..

There were mant tourits travelling around on that day iteslf...

One of the stall selling "rotan' made stuffs and collections...

The corner route in Cameron hills.. Speed must be cut to prevent any unwanted incident happened.

Orang asli sites..

The famous waterfall in Cameron Highland, as you zoom in, you can see many peoples were playing around to release body heat and calm the mind down.

Nearer and clearer view of the waterfall, luckily still sempat to capture one while the car was moving..

Few little waterfall other than the famous one...

Seen many landslides ih the 2 and half hours of journey, this is one of those landslides i taken.. There were few are even bad condition which the lands are dragged to the road, so speed must be very slow and beware of those cars that coming from the opposite way..

Many cars, lorries were travelling around...includes the buses and container who send their stocks up and down to hills..

After 2 hours ++ journey, finally reach the destination heading to the town area. 

Turn right to get into Bee Farm..

Finally reach their mid hill cafe, picture not taken, cz was having bad dizziness. Were having high tea after few hours of breakfast in Ipoh. The views taken in the cafe..

So calming, refreshing, cooling and healthy weather in the top hill of Cameron Highland. 

After high tea, we head over to Healthy Strawberry Farm, Cameron Highland.

Strawberry Farm: Healthy Strawberry Farm
Address: Jalan Rumah Persukutuan, Tanah Rata, 39100. Cameron Highland.
Operation Hours: 8.30am-6pm
Entry Fees: free of charge
Contact No.: 05-4911724

Makisan leaf

Inai, Henna are made up by these leaf


Mosquito - pokok nyamuk. Does dengue cases came from this? This is the first thing came into my mind when i saw this potted plant. S:

I think this pot is morning glory flowers..they are so sweet in purple colour <3

First time ever see the red cactus :D

Potted cactus leaf is on varities...for cactus lovers, you can bring it back ya ^^

Lemon leaf

Stevia (Sweet Leaf), have no idea what leaf is this..simply take the photo..

Sunkist Orange leaf

Grape leaf

Colourful planted roses...felt in love with these roses potted plants. 

Look at all these colourful potted plants, was having bad dizziness..but when i saw all these flowers, it brighten my day up <3

Feeling to get one back, but must be no time to focus on it, sad )-:

In Healthy Strawberry Farm, they also selling fresh strawberries, fresh strawberries with cream, waffle with homemade strawberry jam, fresh strawbeey jam.

Fresh strawberry is selling at the price of RM30 in a set of 2 big boxes and 1 small box of strawberry.

Admission for self-pick strawberry is charged at the price of RM30 per half kg for two person. RM50 per kg for the entries of 4.  

Free entry for Healthy Strawberry Farm entrance. There were few staffs assisting the traffic condition to goes up and back from it farm. 

Official Website: Healthy Strawberry Farm


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