Thursday, 28 July 2016

Jomtaxi : Free Ride to Hospital Campaign

Hello everyone, i am back again with my recent update on "Jomtaxi". 

Had anyone of you ever wonder of getting a taxi for your beloved elderly to head to hospital for medical follow up? 

Well, there is a newly launched taxi hailing app to be intorduce to everyone here. 
To find out more, people continue scrolling down ya :)

The purpose of this campaign is to provides a free ride for elderly above 60 to hospital for their medical check-up by saving up the family's working time. It is so conveient for everyone especially for thoese youngsters who are passoniate in working.
Free Ride to Hospital Campaign by Jomtaxi
What is Jomtaxi?
  • a free smartphone app that allows public to book a licensed taxi online
  • available in AppStore and Google Play
  • company was formed in Malaysia on 5th November 2015; social app launched in February 2016. currently came to KL
  • < 2000 registered drivers and < 3000 downloads
  • Platform : ios & Andriod
  • Taxi type: budget, executive, teks1m. Available in Saga, Persona, Waja, Toyota Innova, Exora, KIA Naza.

Who are the Founders?
  • Valens and George Grama; who passionate in building world changing technology
  • founder and former manager of icab (reputable taxi media owner; has 6K taxi signed up) and Mondo Taxi (leading taxi ordering app in Romania and Moldova)

Jomtaxi Specialities:
MULTI-LANGUAGE: cater English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia
CHOOSE DRIVER: allows customer to choose drier based on the profile picture and comments 
ESTIMATION OF ARRIVAL: driver send a "Buzz" when he arrives at your doorstep
ADD TO FAVOURITE OR BLOCK: can either add favourite or block driver
CALL BACK: can call instantly if left anything valuable inside taxi
POTENTIAL: driver and passeger are both protected under TuneProtect, it cover accidental, dead, loss/damage of belongings

How it Works?
CHAT AND CALL: chat or call the driver if he is otw. he can send you msg in case anything happens
KNOW THE ETA: driver send a "Buzz" when he arrives at your doorstep
RATING: rate the driver at the end and comment (optional). add him to favourite to receive future order / block him completely if don't want to travel with him again

SAFETY: drivers are register and verified with name, photo and other details

FREE: completely free for clients

Below these are the app screenshot pictures:
Welcome to Jomtaxi screen
Choose taxi type, pick up & drop off location
Add captGives estimation fare rate / can do current and/or  schedule booking / system cater to handle promotion codeion
System checking for nearest and available taxi drivers
Customer can choose preferable driver based on the profile rating, cars and user comments
Customer can view the driver's profile once they accept the booking, can view driver's location and details, can chat with the driver via the app at no cost
Customer can rate the driver

Customer can add/block any driver to ensure own safety
Jomtaxi Features:
  1. local language & accuracy
  2. choose driver
  3. multiple orders
  4. in-app chat
  5. Buzz alert from driver
  6. order in just 2 taps
  7. rate/favoutire/block drivers
  8. order history
  9. tips for drivers
  10. call drivers functionally
  1. card payments
  2. courier/delivery service
  3. co-operate etc
  4. traking of a loved person
  5. push to talk between driver and passenger
  6. social profile integration
  7. share ride
  8. loyalty points reward system
  9. panic button
  10. on-board TV screen
Who is Eligible for this Campaign?
  • Requirement: elderly above age of 60 y/o
  • On-going promotion: 31st December 2016
  • Coverage areas: Klang Valley
  • Charges: FOC on your first single ride

*Warm reminder: they provides you only a single ride, which mean they will drop you at the drop off point of the medical centre and/or the hospital.

It sound so easy and conveient right? Jomtaxi is a leading online taxi hailing app. People can give it a try to find out the real service of it ya ^^

Hurry up, people! Grab your beloved parents a taxi before the time ran out! It is conveient and most importantly it ease you guys/girls up by saving your valued time!

app: Jomtaxi
Google: Jomtaxi
FB: Jomtaxi on FB

If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to email the founder at

Feel free to drop a comment and folloe me in: