Monday, 28 September 2015

[Review] Sit&Stay Dog Snacks

Artisan Healthy Pet Snacks

All are dried foods in the pack, you can keep it for about one month in a tight container.

It includes Selar Kuning, Ikan Bawal, Ikan Bilis, Pig ears, Pork fillet, Beef fillet, Beef lung, Beef liver, Chicken fillet and Chicken feet.

Selar Kuning

Ikan Bawal

Ikan Bilis

Pig Ears

Pork Fillet

Beef Fillet

Beef Lung

Beef Liver

Chicken Fillet

Chicken Feet

Each pack of it is cost RM15.

It is all prepared from fresh meat without any preservatives.

My Opinion:
-dried and fresh foods
-come in slight smelly scent
-my puppy love it because these are all fish/meat/chicken
-whenever she dont eat, i give this to her, she will eat immediately and look for more

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