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[Review] Sit&Stay Dog Foods - Moo Moo Cow & Quack Quack

Here i go for today blog post, today gonna blog about the healthy dog foods sponsored from Sit&Stay. Thanks once again to Sit&Stay as my pleasure to have this for my fur baby.

Sit&Stay is a registered company that produced healthy pet foods with own investigation on furkids nutritional needs and it ingredients. The foods are healthy and freshly made with natural ingredients, it is enriched with nutrients for the essential need of furkids. 
No additives, preservatives, coloring, flavoring were added, the taste are by natural sweetness.

5 choices: chickie boo (chicken), quack quack (duck), oink oink (pork), moo moo cow (beef), and the lambiekins (lamb). 
Weight: about 500g/each
Prices: chickie boo / quack quack / oink oink : RM15/each
             moo moo cow / lambiekins : RM16/each 


Today's menu: Quack Quack 

Menu: 100% fresh duck meat rich in anti-oxidant and mineral green beans which is really important for bone health and formation of connective tissues.

Ingredients: duck, tripes, green beans, kelp, rolled oats, basil, flax seed, egg shell powder, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, special homemade stock

At first, i thought it has became mildew, but after look at the ingreidients, it supposed to be the rolled oat. And can see, there are green beans and pumpkin inside.

Smell: this smell more on vegetable scent compared to the quack quack menu tried the other day. But for me, it smell goods.

Looks at the starring eye.. She is focus on her food. Getting ready to jump up once she caught my direction of hand.. and yes, she caught me. only with two jumps she get the food, and she finish it only in just 3 seconds..

Giving her the second one, same reaction she did. Being good and begging me for the food fast.. 

Last but not least, i actually trying to distract her from giving the foods. As you can see, when i put it down. Immediately she start to eat and brought her foods aside because she worried that i will take off her foods. 
In the middle part of this video, i try to take over her foods.. but you can see she is angry at me by making the fierce voice, because she doesn't allow anyone to touch her plate while she is eating.

In the end of the video, she is still licking the plate even though it is finish. I guess she must be asking for more.

How much foods to consider?
Answer: 3% from idea weight

So my puppy is 10 months old and her weight is about 2.6kg (toy Maltese), so the foods to be given is about 0.85gram from it body weight. But i am just agak-agak on giving her this.

PS: you don't need to feed her kibbles if she is having this pet foods.

Reminder: remember to keep it frozen until you are about to get your fur kids eat this. Remove it out from the fridge and let the ice melt first before intake.


Let's take a look at their Moo Moo Cow menu ingredients: it use 100% fresh beef , anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory packed celery and sweet potatoes (may help to reduce certain cancers risk).

Ingredients: beef, liver, celery, sweet potato, rolled oats, oregano, flaxeseed, egg shell powder, virgin coconut oil, turmeric and special homemade stock.

Today menu: Moo Moo Cow

Outlook and Taste: it look fresh. the taste is sweet and nice (i smell it "manually", lol) wonder my puppy love it so much haha..

She was so anxious to get the foods fast, so she walked reverse..hihi.. But looks at the eyes, her eyes was starring at the foods..

She walked near to me just beg me for her foods, but sadly i was unable to snap the photo on time ><"

She knows i am getting up from the chair and immediately she came near to me..such a clever puppy..

But after consume, the next day the stool turn into soft texture and black in color. But, no worries, it is because their body is going through detox process. But, after when they are able to adapt with this, their condition will slowly getting better by forming the stool back to previous again.
Sit & Stay Corner
They also provides other services like cookies, pie, sausage, meatball, muffin, salads, treats and so on.. Fur kids mummies and daddies can refer to this chart to get idea for any  occasion and functions ya ^^

It is all made up from natural ingredients with no preservative, additives or coloring added. So don't worry on your fur babies health ya. 

The second chart is about their Pet Cake. It has 3 options on each to be selected. There are the ingredients, topping and shape.

It is so interesting and since my baby is turning to one next month, so i am actually considering to get her one in advance.

For more inquiries on their foods or services, can login in here ya ^^

More update in the coming post, stay tuned to find it out ya people.
Next update: chickie boo, oink oink and lambiekins

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  1. Are you sure Sit & Stay provides raw food? Not cooked food?