Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My New Maltese Puppy- Oriey

Blog blog blog blog...gonna blot about my puppy today! <3

Hey everyone!!

She is Oriey...2 and a half months old puppy. A naughty puppy which melt my heart.

Everything that can move is her toys..  Teeth are growing... Everything became her victims... Fingers, toes, mop, clothes, bed sheet... Bitten everything. 

Adorable sleeping beauty slept soundly beside me... Will 'kacau' people in midnight.. 

Her innocence face after woke up from a nap @@

Carries her in a basket...from in house to my car to protect her from getting bully by the cat in my house patio...

A toy for her to play...instead of biting people around @@ static toy is not her interest, so I have to make it movable... 

Her sleeping pattern attracted my attention <3 <3 <3 

This naughty fellow got everyone attraction wherever she go. But nobody knows that she is such a naughty puppy, jump from high to low..bite from clothes to mop.. Anywhere, she is still my pleasure in my life. :) :) :)

More and more updates to come, do follow me..TQ! 

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