Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Thailand Trip 2014 (Hatyai Ice Dorm Visit from New Zealand)

It has been a great pleasure to visit this Ice Dorm at Hatyai Thailand only with 300 baths for adult, half price 150 baths for children. It was cheap and I does not need to paid more.

The first thing you will get when you entered to it entrance are jacket with cap and gloves. But there is NO shoes provided, please wear your cover shoes before enter.

Selfie time before enter to the adventure :P

After you worn everything, they will give you a short briefing on the rules & regulation  and the safety inside.

After entered the dome for about 5 minutes, everyone began to freeze...mouth numbness...leg freezI.N.G... 

Although we were halfway freezing, but not forget to have fun also...we took photo with the penguins dome.

There were a short distance of maze to get out after this snowman icing... 

When you are out from the ice dome...here the garden comes. Can you guess are these the real flowers or the fake one? 

 "Kacha..kacha".. Photo shooting session with these cousins :D

Successfully finish the frozen game in a raining day, can you see how many shirt I'm wearing? :D

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