Saturday, 4 April 2015

Throwback to Ollie Growing Milestone

My precious is turning 6 months+.. So let's throwback to her growing milestone. 
Deep deep love.
Naughty puppy and naughty owner haha..

First throw to her 2 months old baby..everyday bring her in and out, here to there, nouth to south, east to west with this basket..

Whatever in the car, she will try to stand up to looks around as she worries that we will leave her alone. Very dependent and sensitive baby.

3 months old baby with curious and adorable face. Worn her in a pet cloth, she became so thin and malnutrition look due to the furs all are covered up. "What's going on, why are you laughing at me mummy?"is in her mind.

Come to 4 months old, this puppy is really "pattern more than badminton"..brought her to Setiawan. While on the way in car, she kept hides herself next to the car door. Don't even want to get out from there..maybe it's fun for her? Show me that playful face somemore..  

This is what she always do whenever in car, she loves to sleep in the middle of something. If she find it uncomfortable, she will walk around in the car. Sometime even hide under the car seat playing "treasure hunt" matter how you call her, she won't get out until she's satisfied with it. Haha..

Haha, don't shot me..I just want to capture all her wonderful and u happy moments to make it more interesting. Sorry baby mummy betrayed you, hehe.. She became so thin after bath, but in real life, she is very small in size, only the furs made her looks big..

The pity face waiting for foods, trained her to sit quietly only can get food. And now she knows it. But for her healthy, I only give her vegetables and certain fruits. 
PS: grape, garlic and chocolate is not allowed for puppy and dogs.

Her lovely pamper time of massaging. Will massage and play with her everyday once I'm free, and she enjoyed it so much. Sometime she do enjoy with it, but if she is in bad mood she will run away right after place her on my lap. 

Her innocent face of first seeing vacuum machine. Hahaha, its really very funny. When my dad bring down the vacuum, she start barking. When the vacuum start function, she escape from it...and then she came to the corner of our door,  no place to go already...hahahah

She needs safety feels, so whatever that could be covered, she will slepp next to it. And this time she sleep in this lunch box, really speechless when I see this. 

Her sleepy face, trying to sleep next to the door. When I bring her to my side, she go there again. Because she loves cold place, don't even need any blanket. She will wake up around 4-5pm and start to disturb you by licking your face (or even running here and there on you) if she wants to pee or poo.

Too active and busy in biting people and carpet...punish her in the basket. And then show me the innocence face again, "mummy, please let me come out, i promise will be good". After bring her out, again bite people. need punish her mouth only will be good and quiet.

No matter how active, naughty, playful are you.., mummy still love you deeply. Please be good, safe and stay healthy always my dear pupp. 

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  1. Aww Ollie is so adorable!

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    1. hehe, thanks! such a naughty puppy.
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  2. Awwww Cutie mmmwwwaaa

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  3. awww.... so cute!!!! <3


    1. she is our precious in the house, made a lots of funny and happy things :D
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  5. just watched on it, so inspiring of your nice environment there! <3