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[Review] Sande S-Trim Slimming Supplement

Hey hey...Happy Chinese New Year to all of you...

I'm back again to here to blog about this supplement known as S-Trim Slimming Supplements sponsored by +esmé aesthetic

So here again i share my blog about Sande S-Trim. Worries that you will over eat during CNY session? Worries that can't resist from cookies and nice foods? Worries that tummy getting full-filled with all these foods? No worries, let me share a post  to tell you that it really works well as i took it once day once before breakfast. And it does effective to bring out the body toxins and reduce fatty belly.

The package view of this S-Trim Slimming Supplement.

S-Trim Slimming Supplements comes in a box with 10 sachets inside; 15gm per sachet; drink one every morning with warm water before breakfast. 

Brief introduction of the contains of this supplement:
Do not worry if you're a English educator or Mandarin educator or any language problems; the brochure come in three languages ease you to read about the contents.

Basically, the main content of S-Trim Slimming Supplement are from few different types of natural berries; raspberries, saskatoon berries, salmon berries, blueberries,  haw berries. 

Why it made up from berries?

Here are the few reason to let you know:
1: act as your body immunity to protect from cells damage
2: prevent premature ageing and disease
3: antioxidants control weight effectively
4: improve body's metabolism to burn fats

From left picture show you ingredients of S-Trim Slimming Supplement:
Ingredients: Mix berry powder, white kidney bean extract, citruc aurantium, citric acid, fructosem aloe vera, barley grass cholophyll.
Direction of use: mix the powder into a glass of  250ml warm water, stir evenly and consume immediately. Take one sachet morning daily in the morning. To get better result, you can drink more water.
Precaution: prgenant women
Storage: Keep in cool dry place; make sure it's away from children.

Nutritional Information:
Serving per package: 225g
Serving size: 15g

Energy                         per serving: 56kcal @ per 100g: 371kcal
Protein                                              0.4g                           2.3g
Total fat                                            0.1g                           0.8g
Saturated fat                                    0.03g                         0.2g
Trans fat                                           0g                              0g
Carbohydrate                                  13.5g                         88.9g
Total sugars                                      4.9g                          32.1g
Sodium                                              1.7g                          11.08g

Clinically proven to boost up metabolism, detoxification and acts as a fat burner.

Booklet cover page is in red color printed with Sande S-Trim Slimming Supplement. Supplement satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Supplement produced by US Biotechnology Formulation recognized by GMP (Good Manufacturing Prcatice), IEC Halal Jakim Malaysia and is 100% made up by natural ingredients.

Company named AZ & Partners Sdn Bhd; location is at at 19-1, Block D, Jaya One, 72A, Jalan University, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Short conclusion about Sande S-Trim Slimming Supplements is clinically proven to burn body fats, detoxification and boost body metabolism.

I'm a person who actually have constipation problem, after tried on this supplement it really help me to release and clear my body toxin. it also increase my bowel movement daily without any feeling of stomach ache. Between, the taste is nice as well.  

Again once, thanks to +esmé aesthetic for sponsored me this product to solved my constipation as I was worries of this problem long time ago. 

Interested in trying out this product? Hurry up, grab one fast for yourself as their promotion is still going on.
Promotion package as below: if you take 3 boxes of Sande S-Trim Slimming Supplements, you are entitled to get 50% discount (normal price RM119/box).
PS: Pos Laju service is provided with additional charge accordingly.

+esmé aesthetic not only provides slimming products, they also have other therapies as well. They also provides FACE, SKIN, BODY and ANTI-AGING procedures. If you're looking any of these treatment or any consultation of these, please don't hesitate to step into their beauty clinic or give them a call. Their professional consultant will give you a brief explanation based on your inquiries.

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